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Moose and I decided early-on that it would be a real shame if we kept all of our walking experiences to ourselves.


As such, (and with some convincing from Moose), I decided to write about our travels so you can experience them too... and in doing so - help us go even further along on our way. Every copy sold means one more meal or hotel stay for us both. 

Join us both as we set off from Portishead and head off towards the wild horizon, on our wayward adventure.


'Away from the tourist trails of England lies an ancient path. 

Beyond the high surf and sandy beaches of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset lies a cornucopia of treasures, hidden along the perilous routes of the South West.

Join Chris and Moose on their adventure and prepare to be enthralled and bewildered by a story so wild, it's hard to believe it actually happened.'


Published by SilverWood Books


Now available direct from all major book stores.

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