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Our Charities

My heartfelt wish is that what Moose and I do will inspire folks to follow along, and only offer what they can afford. 


As such, I don't have a Just Giving page.


Instead, the links below will take you directly to each of my chosen charities.


There you can give direct, and that way 100% of your donation goes to each cause.


The downside is that I'll never get to know about the money you've given.


Instead I'd like to thank you in advance...

for your kindness...

for your generosity...

and most of all , for your support.

The Thistle Foundation

13 Queen's Walk,


EH16 4EA

Tel - 0131 661 3366


Web -

The Thistle Foundation is a health & wellbeing charity based in Edinburgh, supporting individuals & families affected by ill health or disability. Thistle tailor their service to meet the needs of people, not stereotypes. By focusing on individuals, they promote self-management - enabling independent living through education & support.


Support from Thistle


A staggering 1 in 3 adults in Scotland is living with a long-term condition such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, hypertension, ME or depression. For many, this is a devastating diagnosis. Thistle believe no-one should have to face life alone after a devastating diagnosis and no-one should have to wait for the help they desperately need.


Thistle is one of the only organisations in Scotland that welcomes and supports people whatever their diagnosis, disability or condition. Demand for Thistle’s health and wellbeing support grows each year, and now for the first time in their history have a waiting list of people who are struggling to live with their condition. With the help of fundraisers, supporters and volunteers, Thistle are able to reduce their waiting list and support more people who need them.


What Thistle Foundation offer;


Thistle Foundation offer several enablement programmes designed to help people cope with periods of significant change


Young People's project

- Supports young people leaving special schools to find their path.


Our Veteran's Programme

- Works alongside veterans at any stage of life after service, to adjust to 'civvy' street. 


The Thistle Shed

- A place for men, particularly veterans, to socialize & spend time on their own terms.



Or text MOOSE to 70085 (£5)
  All support offered by Thistle Foundation is free
FR hand.png

For Refugees


Amber Bauer - CEO & Founder

Web -

For Refugees is a UK charity which seeks to positively impact the lives of displaced individuals and families all across Europe. 

With unique insights into needs on the ground, they are part of a trusted network of inspiring grassroots partners, supporting refugees with their immediate daily needs for life from somewhere to sleep, to education, and everything in between. 

They provide small-scale grants and basic charity services to local partners and volunteers, with a commitment to improving the lives of real people, every day, right now.


All support services offered by For Refugees is free of charge

Bath Cats and Dogs Home

The Avenue,

Claverton Down



Tel - 01225 787321


Web -

Bath Cats and Dogs home is committed to the welfare of companion animals.


Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home pets who are unwanted and far too often neglected or mistreated. A part of the RSPCA, they also promote responsible pet ownership through education and public awareness campaigns.


In 2020 they took in over 897 animals, reunited 103 stray animals with their owners, and found loving, forever homes for over 670 pets, and with our help they could do so much more!

Unfortunately, the number of animals which need assistance is rising and the need for BCDH to be able to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home those brought into their care is increasing. Each year they need a staggering £1.3m just to keep their doors open.

​Moose was rescued by Bath Cats and Dogs Home in 2016, where he then went on to rescue a wayward human. Together they subsequently raised over £10K for great charities just by taking a long walk together.

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